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The Top 2 Skills You Need to Sell Insurance

You want to sell insurance, but you also don’t want to go broke trying to do so. While you can’t control the products available to you to sell, you can control your odds of closing the deal. And it all comes down to 2 things.
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An Employee Health Benefits Plan You Can Easily Sell

In today’s competitive healthcare market, having a plan that greatly benefits an employer’s employees can help you secure the sell. The employee health benefits plan you offer to small business owners is a key factor for not only them but their employees as well.
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Become a Top Health Insurance Consultant with These 4 Tips

More effectively manage your time, get in touch with the right kind of customers, and find the balance between work and home that leaves you time to relax and unwind and charge yourself up for a new week with these 4 tips to becoming a top consultant.
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Finding Success as a Health Insurance Consultant

Set yourself up for the financial success you've always wanted. United Advantage Agency has partnered with Nationwide® to bring you an opportunity that no one else in the industry is offering for their health insurance consultants. This isn't just your next job. This is the career that will allow you to be financially secure enough to retire in as little as four years.
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Give Your Clients Complete Control Over Their Health Benefits Plans

Let your clients know that control like this isn’t reserved only for Fortune 500 companies and large corporations. In fact, you have the ability to deliver them level-funded health benefits that offer the same elite control that those large businesses do at a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance.
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Health Benefits That Actually Help Your Clients

Level-funded benefits are the missing piece of the puzzle your customers have been looking for. With level-funding, they’ll enjoy decreased benefits costs, just as though they were running a large corporation. By offering them level-funded, their small business can finally grow and financially succeed. Here’s how it works:
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Selling Level-Funded Plans Gives You A Leg Up in the Health Insurance Industry

Control is important for small business owners. But the one thing they can’t control with traditional health insurance are their plans. Those are governed by the insurance company and/or the federal government. When you offer level-funded health plans, you aren’t just providing a lower cost. You’re providing your customers with total control over their plan and claims fund.
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What the Health Benefits Plan You Offer to Business Owners Should Include

As costs continue to rise in the health insurance market, finding the right options at an affordable solution has become cumbersome. And with employees continually placing benefits at the top of their priority list when searching for employment, if you can give business owners a leg up from what you offer - and do it at a cost far less than the average - then they will find themselves at very good odds to acquire and maintain dedicated personnel in their companies. And on the same token, you’ll find yourself at very good odds to close the sale.
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The Insurance Consultant Opportunity of a Lifetime

You choose your own compensation rate, and you get to determine it for each policy you write. We don't tell you what it has to be. And because you get to set your own rate, the sky's the limit for your income potential.
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United Advantage Agency Partners with TRU BLUE Third Party Administrator

TRU BLUE Third-Party Administrator, LLC Providing Transparency and Reduction of Healthcare Costs to Employers and Individuals United Advantage Agency and United States Managing General Underwriters have joined forces with TRU BLUE Third-Party Administrator to increase accessibility, provide transparency, and reduce healthcare costs for USA-based businesses and individuals: TRU BLUE TPA will provide clients with: 24/7 […]
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