We Provide What Consultants Are Looking For
United Advantage Agency understands what you want and the tools you need to achieve the success you've always dreamed of. We've rewritten the rules of the consultant industry and are offering a plan like no other, along with a personal commitment to you.
No longer grow frustrated from a lack of service, training, and the support you need, or blocked access to Underwriters for answers to grow your business. And forget having a ceiling on your income!
Instead, with United Advantage Agency in partnership with Breckpoint, you set your own compensation rate on the policies you write. Each of our consultants gets a top contract. You'll also gain access to training materials that put you ahead of the curve in the health insurance industry. And direct access to the Underwriters helps you win more opportunities.
See how United Advantage Agency in partnership with Breckpoint is offering you what no other company is.
We Create a System That Sells for You
  • Your own website featuring marketing materials to assist with sales
  • Hot lead program with interested employers to further your business
  • Videos and marketing materials that sell the products for you
  • A marketing team that backs you and drives traffic to your site
  • Up-to-date training through videos, webinars, and more
  • 24/7 access to team members for help with questions and support
  • Direct access to Underwriters so you can achieve great success
  • A back office that allows you to run your own quotes online
  • Access to our consultant app for keeping up with the latest information
  • A company that proudly stands behind and supports our consultants
Who We Are
At United Advantage Agency, we truly understand the role you take the moment you come on board. In business since 1994, we're a family of three generations of consultants. When you partner with us, you aren't just working for another company. You're working with people that appreciate where you are and care about your success - because that's where we've been.
As a consultant, my experience with UAA has been fantastic; they are attentive, responsive and super helpful. The process from the initial presentation all the way to enrollment and billing has been seamless, smooth and easy. They have made business so much more enjoyable; they work like crazy on my behalf and have repeatedly given me a competitive advantage. They're my first choice in all my groups!
Jessica C, United Advantage Agency Consultant