Give Your Clients Complete Control Over Their Health Benefits Plans

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The likelihood is that your customers don’t have complete and total control over their company’s health benefits plan, which means they’re missing out on an incredible advantage available to them as small business owners. Let your clients know that control like this isn’t reserved only for Fortune 500 companies and large corporations. In fact, you have the ability to deliver them level-funded health benefits that offer the same elite control that those large businesses do at a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance.

Tru Blue Helps Them Manage Their Health Benefits Plan & Eliminates the Guesswork

Save your clients and their business valuable time and money by taking advantage of the skills and top-notch customer service Tru Blue has to offer as the Third Party Administrator for their health benefits plan.

Tru Blue will guide them through the complexities of the healthcare system and provide your clients with expert guidance for cost-saving ways to get the most out of their plan, allowing their small business the opportunity to gain even more financial freedom and success.

How Tru Blue Helps Your Small Business Owner Clients

When their customer service team is with Tru Blue, you’re helping position their company for success! There are incredible benefits to having Tru Blue as their plan’s TPA, but here are just a few:

  • Healthcare cost and quality guidance
  • Benefit education and enrollment support
  • Concierge for complex healthcare situations
  • Expert advice on the best use of benefits
  • Assistance with claims and billing issues
  • Assistance with diagnoses and treatments
  • Help with care for aging parents

Tru Blue Also Helps Their Employees, Too!

Not only will the qualified team at Tru Blue happily assist your clients with any questions they may have in relation to their plan, but they will also answer questions their employees have about their benefit offerings.

Tru Blue understands that your clients will succeed with their health benefits plans when their employees use the plan in an effective manner. That’s why they make a point to help the company’s employees understand their co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and how to maximize the value of their health benefit plan.

Set Your Clients Up Right from the Start

Tru Blue will ensure your client’s employees choose the health benefits plan that works best for them and that they know their way around the administration system. The call center at Tru Blue will explain benefits options and guide employees to make sure they’re able to accurately understand and enter their data so your client doesn’t have to on their own.

Unmatched Customer Service

United Advantage Agency and United States Managing General Underwriters have joined forces With Tru Blue Third Party Administrator to increase accessibility, provide transparency and reduce healthcare costs for USA based businesses and individuals. This means that when your clients work with you, they get Tru Blue as their TPA and gain:

  • 24/7 access to real-time healthcare claims data
  • Cloud-based claims system
  • Self-funded plan options for employers of various sizes and industry types
  • Multi-lingual CSRs
  • Direct contracts with healthcare providers
  • Reference Based Reimbursement and PPO plan options

Want to provide incredible customer service and health benefits plan option that allow your clients to gain complete control over their health plans? Become a consultant with UAA today!

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