Finding Success as a Health Insurance Consultant

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Set yourself up for the financial success you’ve always wanted. United Advantage Agency has partnered with Nationwide® to bring you an opportunity that no one else in the industry is offering for their health insurance consultants. This isn’t just your next job. This is the career that will allow you to be financially secure enough to retire in as little as four years.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have a ceiling on the amount of money you could make selling level-funded health benefits? Or had the ability to determine your own compensation rate instead of a company that decides it for you? What about the ability to be in charge of your own career without having to go it alone, taking advantage of support, training, and guidance that sets you on the path toward success?

Get the Guarantee of a Top Contract

The opportunity you’ve been waiting for is right in front of you. As a health insurance consultant with UAA and Nationwide®, you get to experience all this and more.

When you work with us, you’re guaranteed a top contract, so you can feel confident that those incredible opportunities won’t be elusive to you any longer. You choose your own compensation rate, and you get to determine it for each policy you write. We don’t tell you what it has to be. And because you get to set your own rate, the sky’s the limit for your income potential. No longer will you watch yourself move closer and closer to the cap on the amount of money you can make because there is no ceiling.

Gain Access to Health Insurance Consultant Tools You Need to Succeed

When you become a consultant with us, we make sure you have access to all the tools you need to help you achieve success. After all, we want to give you a career you can retire from. We provide you with ongoing training, support, and a true marketing package that relieves the stress of the process. When you pair that with our electronic filing system, you can concentrate more on servicing your clients rather than worrying about chasing a paper trail.

Your Own Quality Website and Marketing Team to Drive Leads

Every successful consultant needs a quality website and a team of experts that drive traffic to it to increase sales and leads. UAA not only provides you with your own quality website, but we also back you with a marketing team that focuses on directing interested employers searching for health care benefits for themselves and their employees to your site. This gives you even more opportunities for selling level-funded health benefit plan packages, making more money, and shortening your time to retiring early.

Your UAA provided website will also feature marketing materials and videos that sell the products for you. These tools are just another way UAA and Nationwide® have come together in a commitment to your success.

Setting a New Standard for Health Insurance Consultants

“What we’re offering is unheard of, and at the same time, incredibly achievable.” – John David Precour, VP Business Development, United Advantage Agency

Everyone wants the chance to make as much money as possible in the quickest amount of time. But is it actually realistic?

The 4 Year Health Insurance Consultant Retirement Plan from United Advantage Agency is not only realistic, it’s absolutely possible for anyone, whether you’ve been in the industry for several years or just a few days. When you recruit five other consultants, you each are gaining access to the chance of a lifetime. In order to live the life you’ve been dreaming of and retire in just four short years, all you need to do is concentrate on selling one policy per month each. That’s it.

From Solid First-Year Earnings to a Seven-Figure Early Retirement

By the end of your first year, you’ll already be experiencing the earned income of a seasoned consultant with multiple years in the business, and you’ll have achieved it in just twelve months. And at the end of your fourth year, you’ll be flying high with over $2 million in earned income.

How We Get You There

We want you to succeed. And we want you to be able to fully retire in four years or keep building upon your financial success far beyond that if you choose. In order to make that happen, UAA and Nationwide® are proud to offer you ample opportunities to further your achievements as a health insurance consultant.

We’ve created a system and a vast array of helpful tools to do just that. Gain access to a back office where you can quickly and easily run quotes online. Get direct access to our Underwriters so you can experience more opportunities for sales. Even greater still, we provide you with FREE leads, getting you in front of employers that are interested in level-funded health benefit plans for their company, allowing you to further build your business.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses

In addition to the incredible income potential you have as a consultant selling our level-funded health benefits to employers of small businesses, and the option to make even more by selling our ancillary services, we provide extremely generous bonuses when you recruit other consultants. Those recruited consultants help you reach our 4-Year Retirement Plan, and they’re another great way to achieve your financial success goals.

Dedicated Team Members Are Here To Help

United Advantage Agency pride ourselves on offering the best possible support to every single one of our consultants. We know we don’t succeed unless you do. As a consultant with us, you’ll be working with a Regional Director that is dedicated to your specific area, so you can trust that when you have questions, they’ll have the right answers and be current on the latest changes occurring in the industry for your location. With 24/7 access to our qualified, expert team members, you can enjoy even more security in knowing whenever you have questions or need additional support, it will always be there.

Become a health insurance consultant with United Advantage Agency today.

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