4 Highly Effective Strategies for Closing the Sale

You can find vast information on the web on ‘How to Close the Sale’, but these four tips we’ll be sharing with you go outside the box and the status-quo for sales, ensuring you have more success than your competitors.
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united advantage agency

Paramount Consulting Group Partners with Nationwide Under Parent Company UAA

PCG has joined forces with our parent company, United Advantage Agency (UAA), in an effort to bring the best products, service, and pricing in the health benefits industry to our brokers and their clients. This joint venture includes an exciting new partnership with Nationwide Mutual Insurance. Moving forward, Nationwide will act as our new stop-loss carrier.
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plan options

The Right Plan Options for Your Customers

No matter how many years of experience you have as a health insurance consultant, you’ll need one major thing to achieve the success you’re really after: health benefit products and services that both you and your customers can believe in. United Advantage Agency provides plan options and packages that essentially sell themselves. Quality products. Quality service. And savings they won’t find anywhere else, which makes your job as a health insurance consultant that much easier and more lucrative.
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